• Adult Titles -  "cross-overs" for teens aged 15-18 – Up to 5
    1.  Weetzie Bat (Fantasy/Contemporary/Romance [Sg. LGBT])
    2.  The Book Thief (Historical/Fantasy)
    3.  The Lovely Bones (Fantasy/Mystery, Horror, and Thriller/Crossover [Sg. Murder Mystery])
    4.   My sister's keeper (contemporary/crossover)
    5.  The Lost Boy (contemporary/nonfiction/crossover)
  • Single Series (Example Harry Potter) – No more than 2 books in an individual series. You can have more than one series in the database but remember that you want to include a diverse collection so don’t include more than 3-4 series (2 titles from each series is allowed).
    1.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone (fantasy/adventure)
    2.  Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets (fantasy/adventure)
    3.  Twilight (Romance/fantasy, sub: vampires)
    4.  New Moon (Romance/fantasy, sub: vampires)
    5. Seizure (mystery, horror, thriller/scifi)
    6.  virals (mystery, horror, thriller/scifi)
  • Individual Genre –  Be careful to include as many genres/sub-genres as you can. The database is to be representative of what materials are available to older teens.
    1.  Thirteen Reasons Why (Contemporary/Mystery, SubG: suicide)
    2.  Lord of the Flies (Contemporary)
    3.  Walk Two Moons (Contemporary)
    4.  Lola: A Ghost Story (Fantasy [graphic novel])
    5.  Boy Meets Boy (Romance/Contemporary [Sg: LGBT])
    6.  matched (Scifi/Romance)
    7. Batman: Year One (Sci fi/mystery/adventure/graphic novel, sub: super heroes)
    8. Maus II (graphic novel, historical, subG- holocaust/WWII)
    9. The SAT Study Guide (nonfiction)
    10. Where's My Stuff?: The Ultimate Teen Organizing Guide (nonfiction)
    11.  AlternaCrafts: 20+ Hi-Style Lo-Budget Projects to Make (nonfiction)
    12. Ender's Shadow: Battle School (graphic novel, scifi, adventure)
    13. Eight Stories Up: An Adolescent Chooses Hope Over Suicide (nonfiction/suicide prevention)
    14. The Great Gatsby? - (historical/romance)
    15. romeo and juliet? (historical/romance)
    16. Math Word Problems in 15 Minutes a Day (nonfiction -math)
    17. Boys Over Flowers (Romance/Manga) 
    18.  The Fault in Our Stars (Contemporary/Sg: Death and Deadly Disease)
    19.  The Only Alien on the Planet (mystery/contemporary/romance)
    20.  Dirks Holistic Detective Agency (mystery)
  • Games  - Up to 3 games (Games that are found free on the Internet are not supplied by the Library. Games purchased by the library are the types of games you should consider for inclusion in your database).
    1. Dance Central 2 (fitness)
    2. Atelier Meruru. The Apprentice of Arland (RPG)
    3. Mass Effect 2 (scifi rpg)
  • Subscription databases like Proquest or Britannica Online, etc. to teens aged 15-18 (Facebook, MySpace, etc. are not “provided” by the Library. They are available free on the Internet) – Up to 4 databases
    1. Grolier Online
    2. JSTOR
    3. Gale PowerSearch
    4. eBook Collections (EBSCOhost)
  • Magazines that are marketing primarily to teens – Up to 4
    1. TransWORLD SKATEboarding
    2. Seventeen
    3. Teen Ink
    4. Teen Vogue
  • Music CD’s – Up to 3
    1. The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne   
    2. The Fame - Lady Gaga
    3. Brothers (Alternative/Blues-rock)
  • Movies – Must be primarily focused on teen audience (Clueless, Twilight, etc.) – Up to 5
    1. Alice in Wonderland (Fantasy/Historical)
    2.  Mean Girls (Contemporary)
    3.  Edward Scissorhands (Fantasy)
    4.  Freaky Friday (Scifi/Comedy)
    5.  Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy)

    = 50 Items Total

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