Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hi, Y.A.!

I put this collection together imagining a small rural public library with a very limited materials budget. I wanted to offer as much variety within this small collection. I hope that you enjoy my finished product!

A few notes about this collection:
  • All collection items are listed alphabetically to your left. There is also an archive below the collection list that lists each item by the month and original order that it was entered.
  • All items in the alphabetical collection list that begin with "the" will have the "the" at the end in the following format: "Title Title Title- The." I did this in order to ensure that all my items appeared in the correct alphabetical sequence.
  • All genres and subgenres are taken from Diana Tixier Herald table of contents in Teen Reflecting. 
  • All bibliographic, age range, and reading level details are taken from the publisher tool, Follett's TITLEWAVE  iPhone Application (App) version. This is cited accordingly in each entry. 

Thank you for your time!

(The United States printable is from The Vintage Lemon)

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