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Dance Central 2

Bibliographic Information: Harmonix Music Systems.  (2010).  Dance central 2. Massachusetts: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.

Plot Summary: Dance Central 2 is the second installment in the Dance Central game series. Made for XBox 360 and Wii, this game provides hours of entertainment and exercise that can benefit any teen. Essentially a sensor picks up the players body movements and gives a rating depending on how true to the dance moves the player is. This game also has a two player setting. It also offers a variety of challenges and song choices (Dance Central 2 Song List); but mostly sticks to pop music.  Dance Central 2 has been rated "T" for teen due to some strong song lyrics.

Critical Evaluation: N/A

Reader’s Annotation:
Get ready to dance the day away with Dance Central 2!
Information About the Maker: Harmonix is an independent game development studio that also created the Rock Band games (, 2012). They are also the original developers of Guitar Hero (, 2012). Harmonix prides itself for its hardworking, fun atmosphere that is carefully assembling tomorrow's big game hits (, 2012).

Dance Central 2 - Behind the Scenes

Genre: Video game 

Subgenre: Fitness, Dancing
Curriculum Ties: Can be used during a physical education class.

Booktalking Ideas:

Reading Level/Interest Age: ESRB*: Teen (13 and up) (, 2012)
*Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESBR) is a nonprofit, self-regulatory entity that assigns ratings to video games and phone applications so that the consumer will have a better idea of the product's intended audience. Please visit the ESBR Website for more information.

Challenge Issues: Some lyrics may be too strong for some teens. I would use the following items to defend this video game:

1) Refer to Library Bill of Rights, see items: I, II, and III (
2) Refer to San Diego Public Library collection policy - (  Original site: The American Library Association (ALA) Freedom to Read/View Statement (
3) Refer to California School Library Association (CSLA), Model School Library Standards - September 2010 ( PDF: (
4) Refer t0 American Association for School, Librarians Standards for the 21st Century Learner (
5) Contact Office of Intellectual Freedom for any further support, 800-545-2433, ext. 4223 or
6) Refer to legitimate book reviews, such as: School Library Journal, Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, Horn Book and others; found on either Academic Search Premier, Follett's TITLEWAVE, or

Why did you include this video game in the titles you selected?:
I included this video game because it combines two very important factors: popular hits and exercise. This video game will motivate teens to get off the couch and dance the night away. This is very important, especially with the current high children's and teen's obesity rate. I also got the inspiration to add this game to my collection from the Caroll County Public Library in Windsor, Maryland who owns a large video game collection. 

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