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The Official SAT Study Guide, Second Edition

Bibliographic Information: The College Board.  (2009).  The official SAT study guide, second edition.  New York: CollegeBoard
ISBN: 978-087-447-852-5

Plot Summary: This updated study guide is jam packed with tips and tricks for any student to improve their overall SAT score. This study guide is broken down into five sections that are each dedicated to analyzing one particular part of the SAT exam. Part I features an introduction and description of the SAT's. Part II includes a close look at the critical reading section of the SAT's and focuses on passage-based reading. Part III studies the writing section of the SAT's and reviews the mechanics of proper writing. Part IV is a mathematics section and includes a review on subjects like: numbers and operations, algebra, and several others. The final section Part V, offers ten full practice tests with answer keys that put the already learned lessons, tips, and tricks into play. 

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Reader’s Annotation:
SAT study guides: essential for any high school student's future success!
Information About the Publisher: The College Board was originally formed by 12 colleges and universities in 1900 as a way to standardize the process of students being tested and applying to different universities (, 2012). The College Board was eventually replaced by the SAT's and has been reviewed and reformatted since its inception (, 2012). Currently CollegeBoard works hard to provide services to children in K-12 all geared towards making the path to college easier (, 2012).

CollegeBoard interacts with over seven million students and parents, in a 180 countries and territories, and through over 900 colleges and universities
(, 2012). CollegeBoard believes in making college possible through financial, academic, and mentorship support (, 2012).


Study Guide
Curriculum Ties: Could tie into SAT prep courses offered in school.

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Reading Level/Interest Age: YA (Follett's Titlewave, 2012)

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I selected this book for the older segment of my age group (17-18, possibly 16). These students are working hard to graduate and will understand the impact of a great score on future plans. Providing study guides for students is a great way to ensure they will succeed.

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