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The Best Damn Thing

Bibliographic Information:  Lavigne, A. (2007). The best damn thing [Audio CD]. Dr. Luke, Beckley, M., Cavallo, R., Lavigne, A. (exec.), Walker, B., Whibley, D., & Wolf, S. Los Angeles: RCA

Plot Summary: Lavigne's lyrics in her 2007 audio CD release, The Best Damn Thing, are jam packed with images of rebellion, relationship turmoil, and independence. Lavigne's favorite theme to explore in her songs is teen-related relationship themes of loss, cheating, and jealousy. These themes can be seen in almost every song on the CD, including: "Girlfriend," "I Can Do Better," "The Best Damn Thing," "One of Those Girls," "Innocence," "I Don't Have to Try," "When You're Gone," and "Hot." All these songs involve a headstrong, rebellious central figure that will not be satisfied with being second best to any love interest.

These sentiment can be seen with lines like, "All I ever wanted was for you to know/Everything I do I give my heart and soul/ I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me" (When You're Gone) or "I don't need you if you're going to be that way/ Cause with me it's all or nothing" (I Can Do Better) or "Hold me love me/ Don't ever go" (Hot). All these lyrics embody an immature sense of love that demands instant gratification and extreme acts of affection in order for it to be validated. These lyrics also mirror the majority of budding teenage relationships that are still being established. 

Avril Lavigne's First CD Release, "Girlfriend"

Critical Evaluation: N/A

Reader’s Annotation:
These upbeat tunes are sure to attract those looking for catchy ways to express their feelings of individuality, independence, relationship turmoil, and rebellion.

Information About the Artist:
Avril Ramona Lavigne, orginally born in  Belleville, Ontario Canada on September 27, 1984. (Koston, 2012). Lavigne grew up singing in church and taught herself to play the guitar as young teenager ( Lavigne was launched into stardom when her first CD Let Go, was released in 2002 at the age of 17 (, 2012).
Let Go was then followed by Under my Skin (2004), The Best Damn Thing (2007), and Goodbye Lullaby (2011) (, 2012).   Known for her punky, rebellious, and often moody lyrics, Lavigne quickly amassed a following of teen fans who enjoy her mix of punk-rock-pop hits. Lavigne is also known for her somewhat bitter punk pop style which focuses on relationship woes and rebellious acts of independence. Lavigne has also participated in the release of a fragrance and clothing line (, 2012). Lavigne continues to capture audiences as she develops from a young adult into an adult. 

Pop (, 2012)

Curriculum Ties
: Segment on contemporary music and lyrics. 

Booktalking Ideas:

1). What do Lavigne's lyric reflect about the contemporary teenage experience?
2). What roles do rebellion, love, and individuality play in a teenager's life (as deduced from Lavigne's song lyrics)?

Reading Level/Interest Age: 15+

Challenge Issues: Does include some strong language and some suggestive sexual themes. I would use the following items to defend this CD if it was challenged:

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Why did you include this CD in the titles you selected?:
I included this CD in my collection because it represents the push of young adults to establish themselves as strong and independent members of society. Lavigne's lyrics contain themes of relationship uncertainty, rebellion, individuality that teens will be able to relate to.

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